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Any other ideas to raise money for the cash strapped Ibrox giants? Here’s just a few of my own.What about asking Cristiano Ronaldo to donate what’s left of his Ferrari to Murray International Metals as scrap?If the SFL can bail out its member clubs with a festive handout, surely Lex Gold can spare a few bob for Rangers?Perhaps David Weir could give the club his winter fuel allowance.Why not send former skipper Craig Moore the petty cash and ask him to invest it at an Australian branch of Ladbrokes?With a big cash prize up for grabs, what about Kenny McDowall and Ally McCoist entering Stars In Their Eyes as Right Said Fred?Put Andrius Velicka in a Rangers strip, take him to Bonnybridge (the UFO capital of Scotland) and charge locals to have their picture taken with him.Children In Need star Pudsey is apparently one of the best known Teddy Bears (he apparently lost his eye in Manchester last summer). Surely he could donate some of November’s proceeds to a much more desperate cause?Rangers should charge Nacho Novo a tenner every time he kisses the badge on his jersey. That debt would be wiped out in no time.In the papers this week, two fish merchants in Japan paid for a 128 kilo bluefin tuna.

This is a business venture and we have spent a lot of time and energy training our nine new Operators. They are entrepreneurs (as are their customers, who will be charging the phones of neighbors who were not able to access a Ti Soley kit). Revenue generated by a franchise covers monthly maintenance visits, support for the local Operator (school/community development group/etc.) and Sirona’s operations and expansion..

Shortly after DOMA was struck down, President Barack Obama released a statement celebrating the decision. “This was discrimination enshrined in law. It treated loving, committed gay and lesbian couples as a separate and lesser class of people. But it’s still left with two loose ends. And when proteins are swallowed, enzymes called proteases target these weak spots and break the protein down before it’s had a chance to deliver any therapeutic benefit.Our bodies have evolved to chew up peptides and proteins. Our bodies can’t tell the difference between a piece of steak and an insulin tablet, if such a thing existed.

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