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The ENVD minor allows students from non design disciplines to enrich and broaden their education through the understanding and application of design and design thinking methods. In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, design and design thinking methods are becoming appropriated by businesses and different organizations as tools that help them with problem solving in a creative and effective manner. Education in design and design thinking provides a framework for a quick and effective problem solving embedded in understanding of human activities..

The thing about salsa and any other kind of Latin dance, is that it’s usually fast and you pick up and move your feet around a lot and change weight from one foot to another and rock back and forth a little, and many other things, so you foot is constantly moving around in your shoe, making it very easy for your shoe to slip/come off. One night I made the mistake of wearing my favorite purple slip on pumps to dance and forgetting to bring my regular dance shoes. I tried dancing in my pumps for the first time and it was horrible.

St Pancras at 150: London station survived shutdown bid to become major international travel hubWidely regarded as a masterpiece of Victorian engineering, the London station is a vital hub domestically and internationally: linking London with the Midlands and Yorkshire but also major cities in France, Belgium and Holland. When it turned 100 in 1968, however, St Pancras had only just survived an attempt by British Rail to shut it down alongside neighbouring King’s Cross. “Think about the impact that would have had on London today,” Bob Gwynne, associate curator at the National Railway Museum, laughs..

On and on and on. During a preview for the show “Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 21” in a Loew’s movie theatre Loew’s didn’t want to use the word “bitch” in a voice over after the preview for the TV show, so they changed it to the “family friendly” “girls.” The result was that they taught the 100 plus preteen children in the theatre that “girls” and “bitch” were interchangeable and that in either case they were not to be trusted. Conservative legislators and media excel at endlessly describing women as domesticated livestock.

On by an increasingly vocal crowd, Masters champion Mickelson overhauled Goosen with birdies on 15 and 16 and the insults intensified. But the South African just fed off it and retook the lead on the 16th before parring home for a two shot win. It was the third runner up spot of Mickelson now record six US Open seconds..

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